Saturday, May 14, 2005

Psycho Jesus in Transexual Paradise
(man, what a title! I wish I had better material)

I should have posted this as a comment on Stephanie's blog but I'm having trouble with Blogger and thought it would work as well here.

I'm not sure if I lent my alternate gospel book out or if it's buried under the mess but the Straight Dope has some information about the Infancy Gospel of Thomas.

I mentioned over at Stephanie's that this Jesus was quick on the draw, killing anyone who looked at him the wrong way. I'd forgotten his take on women in heaven--there aren't any (kinda does away with the motivation to fly into a skyscraper, don't it?)

Instead of allowing women inside, Jesus will rearrange their plumbing. Why we'll need genitals at all in heaven is never revealed but even the idea of Jesus offing his critics isn't as disturbing as transforming his mother into a man.

You do have to wonder why some group doesn't take hold of this version.

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