Monday, May 09, 2005


After all this time, still no clear word about my niece. The case is delayed until God knows when (which is good because the restraining order stays in place). My wife briefly talked to my sister-in-law. Apparently, she and the pervert are having troubles. I'm hoping they'll divorce and at least get him out of their lives.

My wife bent the rim of her back driver-side tire. (For those of you taking notes, this is the fifth costly accident since December 2003.) She's been driving my car and decided to play a Bill Hicks CD. I couldn't believe it but she loved it. (Maybe I should tell her about the hobos I have chained up in the sub-basement.)

I'm finished Intro. to Lit. at NKU and have two/three more classes of ENG 102 at Clermont (@Anderson). My summer ENG 291 class at NKU filled up, partially with students from Lit. but because some of the full-timers might have their classes canceled, the department is set to give it to one of them.

Devilboy is getting another battery of tests. Is it biological or is he really the Spawn of Satan? We should know in a few weeks.

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