Monday, March 15, 2004

Movie Children

I still haven't seen the rest of Sinbad (I'm hoping I can sneak it to the library without the kids knowing) but I did watch School of Rock and Spellbound.

Radically different movies, one about a guy forming a rock band from 3rd graders, the other a spelling bee documentary, but both feature kids with much greater talent than I'll ever have. At first I thought the kids in the band were faking a la the Monkees but according to promo material (which might be stretching the truth) they really played their instruments.

Spellbound showed a kid who performed in the National Spelling Bee when she was nine, spelling words that I wouldn't expect out of Freshman English students.

I wonder which group of kids, the musicians or the spellers, will go farther in life? Spelling in itself isn't much but I got the impression that the kids did as well in their other subjects.

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