Saturday, March 13, 2004

Sinbad the Greek?

The DVD went crazy last night so I can't be sure but my daughter checked out the new animated Sinbad movie from the library and from the first half of the movie, it seems he is Greek.

I know Aladdin was Chinese in the original story but making Sinbad Greek just doesn't mesh. [Sure, in the crappy Captain America movie, the Red Skull (Hitler's right hand man in the comic) was Italian but at least that's keeping things in the Axis.]

Showing Sinbad living in the present location of Saddam's palaces might be tough to sell an American audience but could they at least kept him Arabian? Maybe shift him to Kuwait but at least make some sort of an effort?

DVD player willing, we'll probably watch the rest tonight. His nationality is the only thing even remotely interesting so far.

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