Tuesday, March 02, 2004

More WMD

The old anti-biotics weren't enough. I shouldn't have complained yesterday. Last night, Little Guy went through a puking/screaming fit that lasted until 1:06 when I finally got to bed. He got up again at 3:53 and stayed up past six (I didn't think of looking at the clock at that point). Then, thinking it would make things easier on me, my wife woke up my step-daughter early to go to school. She wound up yelling at her (bad, bad, bad school situation) and woke the baby and our other daughter.

I'm trying to write it down but I'm not producing much. If I'd thought to take pictures of the various body fluids that were sprayed upon me, I could post them and have the most disgusting page on the Internet (including www.eatalivekitten.com).

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