Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Adventures of Evil Dad and Devilboy II

On Nathan's suggestion, I'll try to continue the series with many injuries based on real life. For those of you just joining us, Devilboy is a freakishly large two-year old who is often mistaken for four or five (usually thinking he's his five-year old sister's twin--Moderatelybehavedgirl). No one is sure if he has a real disorder (he has behavior like autism but doesn't have the physical traits like adnormal head size), is just unusually hyper, or is really part devil.

He's been kicked out of his daycare because he moves so quickly and erratically that he can hurt other children by accident. Physical pain means little to Devilboy and the word "No!" only makes him put his hands over his ears and moan strange noises (very similar to Rainman).

But enough of this, on with :

We begin in the lair of Evil Dad, ready to sacrifice three victims in an arcane ceremony designed to reviving the Old Gods

Evil Dad (in a sinister voice): You three have the honor of becoming Cyruthulu's first earthly snacks. Isn't that right, Devilboy?
Devilboy (grabs smoking urn and pours it on Evil Dad's foot)
ED (in a higher voice): No, no, no! We need that for torture and stuff!
(Devilboy loses interest and begins running amok)
ED: Be careful! Do you know how hard it is to get yak urine out of satin?
(DB finds cell phone and dials randomly)
Phone: Hello, 9-1-1. [Note: he has done this twice in real life]
ED: Uh, sorry sir, looks like my pet monkey got out of his cage again.
Phone: You again? Idiot!
ED: Okay, back to the ritual. Let the blood-letting begin--hey, wait, where'd the other two guys go?
Victim 3: Devilboy chewed through our ropes just before he dropped your watch in the toilet.
ED: Uh, well then, why'd you stay?
V3: I wanted to see what he'd do with that anvil.
ED: What anvi-- (SSSPPLLAATTT)

Join us once again for another exciting adventure of EVIL DAD AND DEVILBOY!

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