Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I stopped by Kroger earlier today. The older of the two quitters (the one who could tell time) was back working. I knew they were hard up for deli workers but it still surprised me. I wonder how many customers could I poison before I was fired.

All politics aside, the papal elections could come back to haunt the Vatican. The Vatican's budget is worse than the U.S. (in terms of GNP) but they seem happy to keep operating in the red. I've heard some conservatives already treating this as a victory but everything I've heard about Ratzinger makes Bush look like Jesse Jackson. If he has pro-American values, of any party, I'm not aware of them. I do feel for the Poles, losing a Polish pope and getting a German. ("Well, at least he isn't Russian.")

My brother-in-law's trial is scheduled for tomorrow. With my sister-in-law keeping up her wall of silence, I'll probably have to call the courthouse to find what happened. The last I heard, my niece is still living away from home--probably the best thing possible.

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