Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I was in a Good Mood

Last night, after class at Anderson High School, I was going to check the class roster but tried to stop by www.aprayerfordawn.com. The computer died. I'm not sure if it was the porn-blocker or a special boobie trap, but I was through computing for the night. Apparently AHS computers run on Windows 95 (or at least the one I had did). The school is incredibly well maintained so I wonder if a "we-can't-buy-a-new-one-til-the-old-one-breaks" mentality is holding them back (or if slower systems make surfing for porn too inefficient).

Today at Stephanie's blog over a posting about modern families, I realized that my wife still hasn't used the steam cleaner (she took months to learn how to turn on the new vacuum). To my knowledge, she has only cleaned her cat's litter box once since she was pregnant with our now five-year old daughter. On two different occasions, I tried to force her to clean it by not doing it myself. Both times I gave up. She complained about the smell but refused to do it herself. Okay, I know that most women do more housework than men--how'd I get so lucky?

Then someone brought up schools at the Cincinnati blog. Any school district that still uses Windows 95 isn't perfect but it's nothing compared to Cincinnati Public. Coming home from a day helping out at CPS, leaves you feeling as if you didn't do nearly enough and that even if you could, you still wouldn't make a dent in the problems. At Forest Hills, you come home thinking "that was nice but they could have got along without me." If Cincinnati ever decides that schools are as important as a stadium, maybe things will get better but I'm not holding my breath.

Otherwise, D-boy is just breaking things as usual. I'll stabilize soon.

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