Sunday, April 17, 2005

Openings at Kroger

I picked the wrong day to work this week.

Yesterday one of the older employees (older in age; started working at the store in November) got angry at two of the twenty-something workers and walked off. Management is still trying to lure her back--leaving your shift after telling a manager that you quit is considered a "maybe."

A few hours later, a 19-year old cursed out one of the managers to his face. She's done this repeatedly--even calling customers "assholes" while taking their orders--but never got in serious trouble before. This time the manager dared to talk back which set her in a frenzy.

She went upstairs to the main management offices and told them all to "fuck off," "fuck Krogers," and "suck my balls." (This last point seems to indicate that she doesn't have the firmest grasp of mammalian anatomy.) I have heard conflicting reports but apparently she knocked a display over and stormed out.

This is the same worker who can't tell time on analog clocks (she defended herself by saying that she can read digital clocks with no problems). She also had a crack dealer confront her in the store about money she owed (police were called and she got the rest of the day off).

Today was murder--everybody in Anderson bought at least three pounds of lunchmeat and we were short two people. I doubt if she's the type to come back with a shotgun but I'm glad I'm not scheduled until next Sunday.

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