Thursday, April 07, 2005

Anderson High School

I taught the first classes of ENG 102 at Anderson High School this week. I was expecting a computer at every desk but it wasn't quite as fancy. From what I could see, classrooms have at least two computers. One of the rooms is set up to teach digital photography but the janitor was nearby when I discovered it and I couldn't sneak in to check it out.

The classroom I use has articles and a cartoon taped on the walls protesting the school's sports' name of "Redskins." Several posters in the halls referred to different teams as the "Gymskins" so it seems that the reluctance to change the name comes from the school board and alumni, not the students or staff.

The sports fields and equipment was more impressive than the academic material (but they might be more easily concealed). There was a media center that looked extensive from the outside but the opportunity to snoop didn't provide itself.

Unless we move, Anderson will be the high school my kids attend. Other than "Redskins," everything looks okay.

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